New official blog

24 Jan

Hey everyone! Because I got married and changed my name I have moved over to a new blog. My next norse mythology post has been added so head over there to check it out!! My new blog is also way easier to remember because it is just my name!


Norse Mythology

17 Jan



I was fortunate recently to be able to work on a giant awesome project that involved Norse Mythology! This is the first in the series. I will be posting them a couple times a week along with my excelent rendition of  the stories that go along!

The first image is of all the relevant god’s to the stories that the reader they will be published in covered. The second is a map of the world tree, Yggdrasil. This map is not complete but it covers all of the relevant realms that are covered in the stories. 

You guys should be excited because Norse mythology is INSANE!!!


4 Jan

I have a cintiq now!!!

This is the first thing i have ever drawn from start to finish on a cintiq! I think this machine is going to opopen up a new world of digital drawing. I couldn’t draw on a tablet worth crap >.>

Also, I got Skyrim and this is a picture of my character, Moonshaddow. She is a thief but she is super cute!




11 Nov

I have been lucky to be very very busy lately! Here is a little taste of my main project right now…



30 Sep

My best friend Sierra had a baby this morning at 2:46 am. Welcome to the world Violet Dawn! I can’t wait to meet you in person!

Also someone needs to go with me to see the new Pooh movie!!!


27 Sep

I recently completed these characters and illustration for an educational publishing company called Core Knowledge. The reader these will appear in will be about roman history.

It was really fun to get to design some cute kids!

Potty time!!!

26 Aug

I have been drawing babies a lot at work lately…




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